Sunday, December 21, 2014

Words for The Day - 12/21/14

Well, Beaux Bo is sulking under my desk. After eleven years, he found out today that he was adopted. I'll have a heart to heart talk with him later.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

More Words For The Day - 12-20-14

There are so many advantages to becoming an older adult. I'm talking old like in grand parent, I'm talking old like me. The advantages by far outweigh the disadvantages. However, though fewer, the disadvantages can be a little painful. The problem with being old, wise and loved by many is that when you do get your feelings hurt, you can't throw a tantrum....well, I guess you could throw a tantrum but then you would become a candidate for The Home. So, us old folks act like everything is fine and go on about our business even when it's not fine. Time will pass, we will survive and those responsible will never know what they have done...and that is probably for the best.

Words for The Day - 12/20/14

There are those who walk through a crowd and are never 

seen. Great audiences are not necessary for them to speak, 

yet, when they speak, they speak with the warmth 

and sincerity that can only come from the heart. Their 

existence is meek but those touched by the simple emotion 

of their unselfish love and truth are many.

Friday, December 19, 2014

If I Could Go Back


Yep, the good ol' days. My cousins, me and my brother chillin' at our grand parents in Blanket, Texas, From left to right there was Mickey and his sister Debby, Linda Gayle and her brother Kent and on the end me (and my cap) and my younger brother Danny. We look like the Little Rascals.

It is the child that still lives deep within even the oldest of us that allows  thinking and sometimes even doing things that the normal us would never do or think. This child within frees my mind to wonder, not to worry about the bills, or the Cowboys or what the weather will be like two weeks from now, but to go beyond the possible and dream of what could be. This childlike curiosity of mine frees my mind from the grips of the acceptable and lets me reshape reality into something more comfortable.

I have become somewhat stoic when it comes to physical travel, but I have a busy mind when it comes to journeys within. My mind tends to travel back in time visiting the people , places and things that either affected my life or I somehow affected them. Very seldom do I travel into the future due to the lack of fuel for thought, or possibly a lack of imagination.

I often wonder, if I could go back, what would I change if I could? Then I argue if you are content with your life now, why would you go back and change something that could change the good that you now have? So, the child within me establishes a new  rule for going back:  Anything you change, as long as it is for the better, will not change the happiness you now enjoy.

When I travel back to the early years of my life, I don't really take any exceptions, not because everything was perfect, but because the first ten years or so are pretty well protected by the innocents of youth clause. It's not until I reached the "you-should-know-better" stage of youth that I began to take exceptions to my life. One obvious change would be to not confuse love with infatuation. I wouldn't confuse want with need. I would think twice about sacrificing friendship for popularity. I would choose my friends based on who they were, rather than what others claimed they were.

While I am proud of my achievements or at least my efforts in sports, I think I would now learn more about the arts because the arts are a kinder companion of the older folks. I wouldn't always say "Me too," when my heart was saying "Not me." I would appreciate the efforts and patience of my teachers and I would have told them so. I would know the difference between cute and smart ass and conduct myself accordingly.

I would have asked my mom and dad more questions, I would pay more attention to their words, I would have told mom I loved her every day and never, ever told her that I didn't love her anymore. I would hug and tell dad I loved him long before I found out he was dying. My little brothers and I would have gone fishing more together and I would never lose touch with what was going on in their lives.

I would travel back and find the person responsible for putting Daylight Savings Time in effect and talk him out of it. Finally,  I wouldn't wait until I was sixty-five to tell everybody what I believed, how I felt and what I had on my mind.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Words for the Day - 12/19/14

If ignorance is bliss, it seems to me that there should be 

more happy people out and about. I know I am one happy 


Words For The Day - 12/18/14

Absorb all that the moment offers and look not away less 

you miss the glimmer of times past. For in this glimmer, no 

matter how slight, there rests the contentment of life's love 

and accomplishments. We will remember this time and hold 

these precious things in our hearts, for we will forever be 

family and friends.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Words For The Day - 12/17/14

I have concocted a mixture that you spray 

around the house like an air freshener that 

smells like new cloths and leather 

accessories. I was in hope that it would deter 

Amber's apparent addiction for mall visits. I 

call it Eau de  Parfum de Mall.