Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Still Home Alone

Pot roast, tators, onions, carrots all cooked in brown gravy.....that's what we could have had for supper if Amber was here, but she's not, we're still home alone. Oh well, ate some leftovers from the fridge, I'm not sure what it was, it tasted pretty good, I don't think it was spoiled or anything, hell, I'm just hoping it wasn't some of Beaux Bo's food. I've never heard BB snicker before tonight. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Butterfinger Blizzard Sure Sounds Good!

Well, Beaux Bo and I have been left home alone for a day or two. Things are going fairly smooth, Beaux Bo told me when it was time for him to eat and then showed me were his food was and told me how much to put in his bowl (I wouldn't think he should eat that much). Now if I could just get him to share a little info on where Amber keeps my food. When I told Amber we would be fine, I forgot about the fact that the closest McDonald's is over thirty miles away. That's alright, no time to be concerned, I have a lake full of fish, wild berries and other wild stuff to eat and if I absolutely have to, there are all these deer that love to eat Amber's plant's. In the country, food is abundant (I wonder if the Dairy Queen is still open, it's only five miles away, a Butterfinger Blizzard sounds good).

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Words For The Day - 6/29/15

I have always known that if I fall, you will always be there to catch me, but then, you would always know I fell. 

It's Nice To Be Home

I thought I saw you yesterday as the sun melted and mixed into the western skies. I smiled and quickly turned my head as I heard the wind whisper my name. I felt the warmth of your hand as I leaned on The Rock remembering from where it came. Then the wind laid, the rippling sound of the lake's reflective waters became quiet and I knew where I had been, and now... it's nice to be home again.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Yard Work, No Problem!

Yard work has been taking its toll on me, especially in this heat. Afterward I would be hot, weak, tired and just plain worn out. I've done extensive research, changed my eating habits, learned to pace myself and basically trained myself for this type work in the heat. Today, armed with this new knowledge and abilities, I went into the heat and completed my yard work. Afterward I was hot, weak, tired, worn out, and hungry.

Words For The Day - 6/26/15

As a friend, I want you to know I am there for you. If you are sad, I will console you. If you are hungry, I will feed you. Cold, I will hold you. Afraid, I will have your back. If you have a need, I will provide. If you are sick, I will care for you......But, gag one time, and I'm out of there!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What A Day!!

When I was but three years, two months and thirteen days old the best thing that could ever happen to me happened on this date. Amber was born and twenty three years, one month and fourteen days later we were married. Happy, Happy Birthday My Sweet Amber!!