Thursday, February 26, 2015

Words For The Day - 2/26/15

Those who are uncertain about their level of patience have never had children.

Walk Among The Monumental Stones

I walked among the monumental stones today. So many great and loving souls. There was little said but much understood. I could feel the emotions of days past as they drifted in the cool tranquil breezes. All is well, all is as it should be. We will visit again in that peaceful place, and I can once again share the wonders and joys that were born of you. Love you Mom, love you Dad.

The cemetery in Mullin, Texas.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Forever In The Company Of Love

Loneliness can be more than the absence of companionship. I have battled the affects of loneliness but seldom have I been alone. It is the sharing of emotions and a common fondness that comes from the soul that provides the confidence of oneness with others. It matters not where my physical presence might be, I will forever be in the company of those I love.

Oh Boy, Daylight Savings Time Is Coming

Well, it's the time of year I start fretting about Daylight Savings Time. It looks like as long as we have been saving daylight, every once in a while we would have to have daylight for twenty-four hours straight just to use some of it up. Daylight Savings has been about as useful as my saving Crackerjack surprises when I was a child. If they really wanted to do something beneficial and really appreciated, they should have just done away with Mondays. Of course, if they did that, we would start thinking Tuesdays suck. It just seems like a lot of trouble for millions of people to have to change billions of clocks just so I can remember to check the batteries in my smoke detectors.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Remembering Dad

Me my Dad and my dog.
I glance into the mirror and see the weathered face of my Dad. I laugh and I can hear my Dad's laugh. I think of some of the things I should have done in my youth and didn't and I feel  Dad's disappointment. I look at my children as they live their lives and feel Dad's pride. I look at my grandchildren and I see my Dad's dreams. I close my eyes and let my soul drift homeward and I feel  Dad's  quiet, strong love.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Not Forgotten But Lost

Me and Mom, the first days.
We began with little or nothing. There were our parents and possibly brothers or sisters but there was no one or nothing else of interest. We were of no particular religion or political party and we had yet to decipher love from hate or good from bad. As we grew so did our knowledge, friends and family and the need to make decisions. No matter how much we wanted to keep everything, every thought and everybody close, sheer numbers forced us to make decisions and choices along the way. Now that the majority of choices have been made, our fortunes have been found or lost and time is on our side, the marvels of science allows us to backtrack and search for things and people not necessarily forgotten but lost. Now we sit, talk, laugh and sometimes cry as we share our stories of how we got to where we are today and what it cost us.

Me and Mom, the final days.

My First Rural Jury Duty

Well, I was called for jury duty in Mills county this morning at 8:30AM. The way the weather folks had been talking all week and into the weekend, I was certain it would be canceled, so I called Friday late and asked about jury duty on Monday and was told it would be held as scheduled but to check their site online over the weekend to make sure there was no change. I checked the web site all weekend and there was no changes. Before I went to bed last night I checked, no changes. I got p early this morning with sleet and ice on the ground and checked the computer and jury duty was still scheduled for 8:30AM. I called the clerk's office several times with no answer. I began listening to the local radio stations for closure information and nothing was said about my jury duty. I waited until I felt like I needed to leave in order to creep into town and make it on time. I finally arrived at 8:15AM and just as I pulled into a parking spot, the radio announced that Mills County Jury Trials had been cancelled for the day. I got out, walked around the car a couple of times, took a few deep breaths, got back in and crawled my way back home. Just as I walked in the door at home, the phone rang and a recording said that jury trials for Monday had been postponed until Tuesday at 9:00AM. Okey-dokey!!!