Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Presentation In Brownwood, Texas

Just a little reminder, I have a speaking engagement in Brownwood, Texas, on April 17th, 4:00 P.M.,at the Newman Building on the Howard Payne Campus, room 136. I will be addressing the Brown County Historical Society and will speak on railroad history in Brownwood and the surrounding areas and do a little reading from my book, A Gathering Of Words - A Train Of Thought. It's always good to be back in Brownwood!

Friday, March 21, 2014

This Book Business Is Getting Better All The Time

I want to once again thank my family and friends for your tremendous support for my first book, A Gathering Of Words - A Train Of Thought. We are now well into the second printing of the book and working hard putting the second book, A Gathering Of Words - I've Been Thinkin', together for a Summer release.
We have also, and when I say we I mean Mary Beth, modified and streamlined the online ordering procedure. You can now go to my Blog, TerryBeckBlog.BlogSpot.com, Then go to the tab at the top labeled 'Buy Terry's Book', click on the tab and pay with Paypal, credit cards, etc. and it will be shipped to you within a few days. You can also go to my Facebook page, A Gathering Of Words - A Train of Thought, and you will notice a big star has been added to the page with Buy Book written under it. You can click on it and it will take you to the link to order the book. When the second (and third and etc.) book comes out it will be added to these purchasing pages.
I will continue to work on getting the books placed in stores to sell, but this has proven more difficult than I imagined, being an independent writer, but with continued support and advise from my supporters, it's going to get better.
Thank you again and don't forget we'll be coming home to Brownwood the first weekend in April. April 4th at the Brownwood Store in the old Santa Fe Depot from 1 to 4 P.M. and at the Martin and Francis Lehnis Railroad Museum on the 5th and 6th. It would be nice to sell a book or two, but more than anything I'm looking forward to seeing the folks and their families that I grew up with and do some serious talking...Who knows, I might gather enough information for another book or two.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brownwood, Texas, Here We Come!

Well, the book business, A Gathering Of Words - A Train Of Thought, is going well. Mary Beth and I got together yesterday and began work on modifying and streamlining the procedure for ordering my book (soon books) on line through my blog page, TerryBeckBlog.BlogSpot.com., and will provide details later. 

We're also working on finalizing a two day book reading/signing in Brownwood toward the end of this month. We are thinking a book signing at The Brownwood Store (Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce) on a Friday afternoon, a reading at a restaurant in Brownwood Friday night and then another signing Saturday morning at the Martin & Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum.

This is where I need some help from some of my Brownwood friends: Any suggestions on a restaurant that would work for a book reading/signing, a lot of talking and catching up and, of course, eating?!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Reading/Signing

Thursday, March 6th at 6 P.M. I will be having a book reading/signing at the Texas Health Huguley Fitness Center Amphitheater (Go to Speaking Engagements tab on my Blog for directions) from my book A Gathering Of Words - A Train Of Thought.  Each person who purchases a book will receive an original Santa Fe lapel pin. Come on out and have a good time with us and let's talk for a while.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Little Misunderstanding, But It's All Better Now

Well, if you notice that I'm not on my blog page as much for the next little while, it's because of a little misunderstanding on my part. You see, when Mary Beth (the brains behind all this) said I would have my second book coming out in the Summer, I thought she meant next Summer (2015). Now, she has made it real clear that it will come out this summer (2014), so, I better get my country butt busy writing.

Meanwhile my first book, A Gathering Of Words - A Train Of Thought, is still available, even though we sold that first dozen real quick. We have ordered another dozen printed and if we have to, we'll even order another dozen. You can still order my book from my blog, TerryBeckBlog.BlogSpot.com, or by contacting Mary Beth Smith, at mbsmith@northdallasmarketinggroup.com or phone 214-536-2624. If you have any problems with your order get in touch with Mary Beth or me. I'm hoping it won't be long before I have several book stores and gift shops around the State carrying the book. Your support has been great and very much appreciated.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Update On A Train Of Thought

I have been amazed with the interest my little book has managed to attract. Of course it all began with the steady support of family and friends and now we're getting orders from several different parts of the country. Mary Beth volunteered to bring me a fresh supply of books to replenish my rapidly vanishing supply today and we are in the process of determining how many more books to print up after this round.

One of the first book reading/signings for A Gathering Of Words - A Train Of Thought has now been scheduled in the Ft Worth/Burleson area At the Texas Health Huguley Hospital Amphitheater on March 6th at 6 P.M. I want everyone to know you are invited and would ask that you spread the word. I am working on a couple of surprises for everyone who buys a book, as a matter of fact I may have a surprise for everyone who just shows up.

I was always proud of my little book but hearing so many good responses from so many folks that I truly respect has really gotten me excited. The promotional tour is starting to take shape pretty quick and I will let you know my schedule as soon as I know. Thanks again and if you have any suggestions as to a place near you were I can give a book presentation, let me know an we'll try to make it work.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Book Update

Just a little book update. First I want to thank the thousands of folks (a rough estimate, probably within 900 or so of the correct number) who preordered my book and have been patiently waiting. I want to apologize for the delays. First we received the first batch from the printers and found that there were several errors that needed attention so we had a little redo on printing the books. The corrected books came in and Mary Beth (the brains behind everything) got sick and was away from things for a while. M B is now back and the book shipments should begin to flow. Thank you for your patience.... I hope after you read it, you will think it was worth the wait.

Meanwhile you can still order my book 'A Gathering Of Words - A Train of Thought' from my blog page, TerryBeckBlog.BlogSpot.com. I will have a small supply to carry with me as I travel around promoting the book. We are also busy contacting independent book dealers, gift shops, museums and Chambers of commerce hoping to get them to carry the book for sell. I will certainly keep all advised as to my travel schedule and a list of those selling my book. I would appreciate any suggestions from those supportive folks that may have a location or two in mind.

On another note, as if I'm not going to be busy enough, I have begun to gather the material for book two, most of which is already written, and forwarding it to Mary Beth Smith to start this process all over again. The first book was primarily railroad stories but this second book, A Gathering Of Words - I've Been Thinkin', will deal with growing up in a Texas town in the 50's, 60's and 70's. This second book will be coming out this summer if all goes well.

Finally, believe it or not, I've actually started working on book three. It will be the third in the Gathering Of Words series. I don't even have the rest of the title yet but hopefully it won't be too far behind book two. Now you know as much as I do about what's going on (probably more). We are going to duck our heads and plow through this experience, have fun doing it and not worry too much about the results. Thanks to everyone!