Monday, May 4, 2015

Speech or Talk - One Uses A Microphone

There are those folks who use speech to share their feelings, their ambitions and what is truly on their mind. On the other hand some folks use speech to camouflage their feelings, their ambitions and what is truly on their mind. The easiest way to tell one from the other is that the second group mentioned usually uses a microphone.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

If Dogs Had Thumbs

Beaux Bo and I were sitting out by The Lake doing some serious thinking on how the world could be better. I told Beaux Bo that for the most part I had everything I needed, but there have been times when I wished for just a little more money so I could do more for the family, friends and folks in need. Beaux Bo shrugged and as he walked away said he often thinks about all that he could do if only he had thumbs.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Words For The Day - 5/2/15

Do you still remember me? I have been so many people over the years, all the while trying to please the person I was with, only to later find out they weren't who I thought they were. I look back now, having been granted the gift of old age and the wisdom of knowing who I am, and wonder how it would have been if I'd had the courage to be me rather than a mirror to those around me. It matters not, things done cannot be undone, nor can a life lived be unlived.

Books For Sale In Goldthwaite

Those of you living in the Golthwaite area, I have good news. Body By Design has agreed to sell my books. They now have a supply of both A Train Of Thought and I've Been Thinkin'. I took the liberty of signing all the books. I appreciate the kind folks at Body By Design carrying my books and hope you will come by and pick one up...or at least workout with me and visit for a while.


Money without happiness is an empty feeling. But I understand as far as empty feelings go, it is one of the best.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thinkin' Again

I got to thinking (Dangerous, I know), what determines the borders of your brow---Is it your hairline? If so, I got one heck of a brow, Bro.

To-Do List

Amber has been keeping me busy. As a matter of fact she has been giving me so much stuff to do, I suggested that she make a little To-Do List for me and that way I could keep up with it and mark off items as I complete them. Well, in a relatively short period of time, she served me with the list. It was more like a novel (Fantasy/Fiction) complete with table of contents, and index. If I ever finish reading the list, much less doing it all, it will be the longest piece of literature I have ever read. It does have some good How-To illustrations in it.