Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Here I sit, night time nearly over, morning coming too soon, or is it not soon enough. My body is tired but my mind goes on and on and on. I play out past mistakes and peek into what may have been. I smile as I wonder past the good things and the good people that have shaped my soul and given me direction. Here in the quiet darkness of a once bustling house, I sit waiting for another day with my faithful buddy and pet, Beaux, curled at
my feet. He occasionally raises his head and looks my way, then rests his head again satisfied that all is well. The clock chimes a reminder of the time, I hear a lone car drive by and I wonder who would be stirring at this hour and why? I close my eyes and hear the bright voices of the grandkids and remember all we've done and all that we still have to do. Finally the parade of memories and thoughts begin to fade as do the pestering aches of age, I draw in a deep breath of calming air and smile as my eyes slowly close and I sleep.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Less Cake, Bigger Britches

A couple of secrets to a husband and wife having a successful marriage is always show an interest in what the other is doing and be prepared to make adjustments in the interest of harmony. For instance, the other day I was searching the web for reasonable dieting suggestions and decided to take a break and check on Amber. I asked her what she was up to and she said she was looking for the recipe for her famous Dump Cake. So, I went back and started searching the web for the best prices available on the next larger size  jeans.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Words For The Day - 3/30/15

I can remember waking in the morning when pain did not dictate the time consumed just rolling out of bed nor did it determine the length or sureness of my stride. Memories never faded or seemed like uncertain dreams. Time was my enemy, for it moved so slowly. Dares, anticipated excitement and the fear of missing out determined my youthful schedule. Yet, considering all this and more, I cannot remember ever being happier or more content with my life than I am now.

It's All Good

Last year about this time, I was happy and thought I was content with the way our life routinely crawled along, accepting both metal and physical restrictions as being something we would have to adjust too and live with. Then we moved into the country, bought me some work gloves; rebuilt a lake house, bought an ATV and dusted off the chainsaw and fishing equipment.

I'm not sure where this is going to lead but all is good.  Tomorrow I drive into Brownwood to take my second guitar lesson......

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Me And Miss Oklahoma

I was laid back thinking about some of my wild and wooly days back in the early 1970's. Like when I was in Dallas and was dating Miss Oklahoma....no wait....that wasn't me....that was the dude that lived next door....never mind.

Final Countdown To My Second Book

Okay, I know you think I've just been making up this stuff about there being a book two, well, I'm fix'n to prove you wrong. Yesterday, I had a conference call with my staff (Mary Beth) and was informed I would receive a copy this coming Monday for a final read through and approval. If I can get that done in a timely mater, I've Been Thinkin' will come off the printers on Friday, April 3rd.

So, that means you only have until April 3rd to take advantage of the preprint special price of $15.95 plus handling, rather than pay the full price of $19.95.  However the package special of both books, A Train Of Thought and I've Been Thinkin', for $30 will continue until we've sold fifty sets.

I want to thank the millions , or  less, that have already ordered the books. All you have to do to order my books is go to my Blog, www.TerryBeckBlog.Blogspot.com, and click the tab, Order Terry's Books, at the top of the page and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or suggestions get in touch with me. Thank you again.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Yes, I Am A Flower Expert

I told Amber I would help her today by buying flowers for the yard. She acted surprised & said she didn't realize I knew anything about flowers. I acted like my feelings were hurt & she told me to go ahead. I later called her to let her know I had finished with the flower task. She asked what kind of flowers I had purchased. I told her that I had some red ones, some purple ones, some maroon ones and some blue ones.