Saturday, August 29, 2015

Just A Thought

It's great to finally be old enough to be able to pretend you can't hear!

Good Health And Bad Memory

As I have gotten older happiness seems to hang around more. I figured it was because of wisdom gathered over the years and the ability to make the right decisions. Then I read,  "Happiness is no more than good health and a bad memory". Oh well, that works too.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rudolph The Roadrunner

This is my Roadrunner  buddy Rudolph, not to be confused with the reindeer.  Rudolph The Roadrunner is really a cool dude. He (or she) is not bothered by the presence of Amber  or me and will even come up to the front porch while we are setting there and, even though they do not have to drink water, Rudolph will walk right past us and make himself at home on the birdbath. He loves to play in my water sprinklers after a hard day of chasing and killing snakes, lizards and spiders. The experts say they can run up to twenty MPH but I've seen Rudolph outrun the Mail Lady and she never drives less than thirty. Oops, I got to go, Rudolph says it's time to move the sprinklers.

She Makes A Difference

Have you ever known someone that makes a difference simply by walking into a room? Oops! Got to go, Amber just walked in.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Need More Fishing Supplies

Well, I guess I better go to work for a bit because Amber said She was going to stop paying for my fishing supplies. For those of you that may have lost track, I am writing a book series call A Gathering  Of Words. The series will be made up of at least four books of which two have already been published, the first being A Train Of Thought and the second, I've Been Thinkin'. Now, in order to keep from making too much money, I pretty much keep the locations as to where you can purchase the books a secret. So, this is your chance to get this privileged information and order or purchase your book.

I have a Blog,,  where you can go and order the books. However the warehouse has sold out of my first book, A Train Of Thought, even after its second printing.  So, for right now you can only order the second book, I've Been Thinkin', from my Blog. I do have a few copies of Train Of Thought hidden in a closet saving them for a few special folks. You can contact me either on FB or and we'll figure out a way to get you the book.

The Brownwood Store,  located at 600 East Depot Street, Brownwood, Texas, has a supply of both books and would be happy to sell all the books you  and your friends and family might want. Body By Design on Fisher Street in Goldthwaite Texas, also has both books available for sale. As my need for more fishing supplies grows, I will search out more vendors to sell my books and will let you know.

The plan is for my third book, A Scattering Of Memories, to come out sometime in November. I want to again thank all my friends and family and a few strangers for your support . If you or anyone you know has a problem getting a book, let me know and we'll figure something out. I you should ever desire a signed book, get in touch and we'll figure out a way to get it done and I would indeed be honored.

Dragonfly Luck

Well, the old wise tale about a Dragonfly  lighting on your fishing rod being a sign you're going to catch some fish wasn't necessarily true today. However it did bring me good luck, I was able to get the hook out of my hand without going to the Doctor!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Guitar Playing Dude

Well, I went into Brownwood yesterday for my weekly guitar lesson. My music teacher suggested I consider buying a different, more player friendly guitar. She suggested I talk to the owner of the music store and see what advise she might have about buying another guitar. I talked to the music store owner and she said after listening to me for the last several months, she would suggest I hold off investing anymore money on any musical instruments. As soon as I arrived at home, I sat down in the house and began practicing with a new determination. Amber walked in and asked what I was doing and when I told her I was determined to practice more and improve, she suggested that the acoustics would might be better in another room. When I told her I thought the acoustics would be the same in any room of our house she said, "Oh, I was thinking of a room in the vacant house next door!"

Me thinks I'm starting to pick up a little trend here.